What we stand for

We stand for results and products of the highest quality, for reliability, creative, future-oriented solutions and direct, open communication as the foundation for a collaboration that is both trusting and successful.

Our Vision

Our vision for the coming years is to become one of the most pioneering companies in Bavaria.

We do not only keep up with the times, but proactively seek our opportunities in emerging trends, new markets and current developments. Future orientation is a central part of our corporate DNA and is therefore reflected in our service portfolio, research and development activities, internal processes, partnerships, and corporate culture as well as in our working environment and infrastructure.

Our Purpose

HIRSCH = Möglichmacher.
The central goal of our work is to help our customers bring their innovations to life and thereby contribute to the success of their missions. In this way, our activities contribute to technological, economic and social progress.

This is the essence of HIRSCH. This is what we stand for in the region and far beyond, today and in the future. This clear mission motivates us to always give our best and to constantly question what we have achieved.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

A spirit of innovation, commitment, a team of experts, quality standards and competence, trusting collaboration, established customer relationships, a broad network of reliable partners, a state-of-the-art infrastructure, a positive external image - companies like ours are complex entities consisting of countless individual elements.

At the same time, HIRSCH is much more than the sum of these parts.

It is the details, nuances and personalities within each individual element that define us as a organization, brand, partner, employer and solution provider. It is all of these factors and their interplay that make us the company we are today.

This unique formula is both the foundation of our past success and the driving force behind our future.